Whether you pull into a residential driveway, a shopping center’s parking lot, or you’re driving on a Ohio River Boulevard or a suburban side street, you notice the condition of pavement. You’ve probably noticed worn out looking asphalt. The pavement tends to be gray, not blacktop. It tends to get gravelly as its surface begins to deteriorate. Soon you may notice cracks beginning to form and ultimately – if neglected – dangerous car-eating potholes that seemingly sprout overnight.

Thankfully, Fulena Pavers is just a phone call away; ready to answer any and all Allegheny County sealcoating services and pavement repairs or maintenance needs.

Quick & Efficient Asphalt Repairs & Asphalt Sealing

Visible cracks or large potholes aren’t only unsightly, they can also significantly damage vehicles. Sometimes they can even be the cause of an accident. For over 30 years, our PA asphalt repair and sealing pros have mastered everything from sealing cracks to patching potholes to repairing water drainage systems to asphalt overlays.

The earlier pavement cracks or deterioration is addressed, the better chance we’ll have to cost-effectively minimize further damage.

If cracks aren’t filled, water and dirt can’t build-up in these crevices to damage the subgrade below the pavement’s surface.

If potholes or deteriorated sections of pavement are patched right away, they don’t grow. A hazard is eliminated without the need of a more costly full asphalt replacement.

Lastly, applying a sealcoating at least every 2 to 3 years, can mitigate oxidation damage from the sun as well as deterioration tied to traffic flow, precipitation, the freeze-thaw cycle, rock salt, or chemical spillage from vehicles. This preventative sealing can be done in conjunction with sealing cracks, patching, etc.

Residential & Commercial Sealcoating in Allegheny County

The crew at Fulena Pavers have decades of experience carrying out residential and commercial sealcoating services in Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Moon Township, and all throughout Allegheny County.

Sealcoating regularly is the best way for a homeowner to prevent driveway asphalt from cracking and crumbling from cycles of melting and freezing water.

For commercial property owners, there’s no better way to boost the curb appeal of a building than transforming a tired looking parking lot into a lot with smooth blacktop pavement complete with inviting white parking space lines.

A smooth thick coat of sealant can extend the life of pavement by up to 2 to 5 years. Adding value to your property and preserving your investment.

Get a Quote on Allegheny County Sealcoating Services

There Allegheny County sealcoating services offered by Fulena Pavers will bring a whole new and fresh look to your asphalt. We can’t wait to transform the look of your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, or road. To learn more about our asphalt sealing, repairs, and maintenance, give us a call today at 1-800-257-6081.