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Contact Us Today for a FREE quote! New Castle, PA 16105
(800) 257-6081
  • Municipal Paving

    We are able to provide asphalt and blacktop repairs and installation to any and all municipal contracts including seal coating and excavating for highway road construction.
  • Residential Paving

    Pulling into your driveway after a long day should not include driving over bumps, gouges, and cracks. Not only is this an attractive sight, but it is also rough on your vehicle.
  • Commercial Paving

    When your parking lots and driveways are full of potholes, cracks and bumps, clients will have the wrong first impression. Allow us to make them look new again.
  • Sealcoating

    We strive to provide you with the highest quality service by offering the latest in pavement maintenance and preservation. We pride ourselves in being a company you can trust.


Fulena Pavers is a family-owned and operated Lawrence County asphalt paving service. We are staffed with residential and commercial paving experts ready to lay down smooth, even, resilient, and great-looking asphalt pavement.

Whether we’re installing or repairing a home’s driveway, the parking lot of an office building or retail shopping center, or handling city, borough, or township municipal paving jobs, you get the utmost professionalism with the highest quality finished pavement.

Not only do you get a great-looking asphalt installation or resurfacing job, but you get quality work that will withstand the elements and traffic loads. We remain available for as-needed pavement repairs or maintenance long after we finish the job.

Our asphalt paving services in Lawrence County guarantee the following:

Good Structural Design

For asphalt pavement to perform well, sufficient structural capacity is needed to ensure it can properly withstand the in-service loads it carries. Pavement thickness is dependent on the anticipated traffic loads and subgrade conditions. If heavy truck loads are expected, thicker pavement will be required. For instance, a retail parking lot must accommodate many car and delivery trucks. It will be built with thicker pavement than a home’s driveway.

A properly prepared subgrade is also integral to any good asphalt paving job. After all, the subgrade acts as the pavement’s foundation. It must be clear of any topsoil and vegetation. It must also be shaped to match the finished pavement’s contour.

Proper Drainage

Adequate drainage is ensured on any pavement we put down. There’s perhaps no other factor as important when it comes to parking lot and driveway performance. Drainage is essential to any paved surface that must withstand the effects of traffic and weather. We make sure the subgrade of any asphalt paving job we do is properly sloped and shaped for drainage.

Proper Paving & Compaction

Prior to paving, we make sure your subgrade is stable and well-compacted. Any soft spots present are removed and replaced with aggregate or soil that’s been properly compacted. A soft or improperly compacted subgrade will only result in eventual structural problems.

From there, we determine the right mix selection for your project’s needs. To ensure the right compaction, we only pave when the weather’s good. Cold or rainy weather will negatively influence compaction, which is critical to pavement performance. We also ensure the mix temperature is maintained at a level that allows the most thorough compaction.

We’re Always a Phone Call Away for Maintenance

When you invest in a well-designed and constructed asphalt paving job, you need to protect that investment. Please be sure to call us for regular parking lot, driveway, or road pavement maintenance in Lawrence County.

Our Lawrence County asphalt paving services include:

  • Correcting Drainage Issues
  • Maintaining Edge Support
  • Applying Sealcoating


We’ll provide a complimentary, no-obligation, estimate for any Lawrence County asphalt paving project. Simply call us at 1-800-257-6081 or visit if you’d like to discuss any Lawrence County residential, commercial, or municipal asphalt paving job.