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  • Municipal Paving

    We are able to provide asphalt and blacktop repairs and installation to any and all municipal contracts including seal coating and excavating for highway road construction.
  • Residential Paving

    Pulling into your driveway after a long day should not include driving over bumps, gouges, and cracks. Not only is this an attractive sight, but it is also rough on your vehicle.
  • Commercial Paving

    When your parking lots and driveways are full of potholes, cracks and bumps, clients will have the wrong first impression. Allow us to make them look new again.
  • Sealcoating

    We strive to provide you with the highest quality service by offering the latest in pavement maintenance and preservation. We pride ourselves in being a company you can trust.


Fulena Pavers provides asphalt sealing services in Lawrence County. A residential driveway, commercial parking lot, or municipal roadway with worn out-looking asphalt is quite the eyesore. It depreciates property values and the monthly rent or lease amount you should command.

For a residential property, a deteriorating driveway hurts curb appeal. This can impact your home’s resale value and even the market value of neighboring properties.

For a commercial property owner or manager, an unkept gray and gravelly parking with potholes, weeds, and puddles of sitting water can turn away both prospective tenants and the customers of any tenant currently leasing the space.

If you continue to neglect these things, more cracks begin to form around the existing deterioration and next you’ll have some nasty tire eating potholes sprouting overnight.

This is why Fulena Pavers is just a few rings away with our Lawrence County asphalt sealing services.

Reliable Asphalt Repairs, Maintenance & Sealcoating Services

For over 30 years, Fulena Pavers has provided asphalt repair and sealing services throughout Lawrence County. The earlier cracks or any deterioration in pavement is sealed, the more cost-effective it is for you in the long run.

If left neglected, water and dirt can accumulate in your pavement’s crevices. This causes further damage to the subgrade beneath the pavement’s surface. Obviously, it’s more cost effective to maintain and preserve your pavement than overlook these things and eventually need a much more expensive full asphalt replacement.

Benefits of Our Asphalt Sealcoating in Lawrence County

One way to preserve your pavement is our Lawrence County sealcoating services. We recommend sealcoating at least every two to three years. Sealcoating mitigates oxidative damage to pavement that’s sitting under direct sunlight much of the day.

Sealcoating also minimizes deterioration due to the normal freeze-thaw cycle, rock salt, traffic load, heavy rain, and chemical spills from vehicles. We can easily add this preventative sealing while completing an asphalt sealing or pothole patching job.

Sealcoating is a tremendous way to keep your asphalt surface from cracking and crumbling from water infiltration and the freeze-thaw cycle. A thick smooth coat of the sealant used by Fulena Pavers can potentially extend the life of your pavement by 2 to 6 years. This adds to your property value, preserves your original investment in paving, and helps spike the monthly rent or lease you can ask for if you’re a landlord.

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