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How To Seal Asphalt Driveway

Over time, some wear and tear begin to show in the asphalt – whether it’s properly installed or not. Sections will begin to crack, crumble, or fade. This lowers the curb appeal of your home and can even reduce your property value. Not to mention it’s also unsafe and an insurance liability.

A sealcoat application should be applied shortly after your driveway is installed. From there, sealant should be reapplied every 2 years. This sealcoating is a protectant. Sealant freshens up the appearance of a tired-looking driveway and prevents further deterioration.

While sealing a driveway may not seem too complicated, it’s possible a DIY attempt can do more harm than good. Although we understand the need to save a few bucks, mistakes made when sealing a driveway yourself can cost you more in the long run than hiring a professional.

As the leading paving/sealcoating company in New Castle, PA, we obviously recommend you hire professionals like us and spare yourself all the unnecessary time, aggravation, and headaches. But, if you absolutely must do-it-yourself, here are a few recommendations to minimize the potential for disaster.

Give Asphalt Time to Cure

Make sure you don’t seal your driveway too soon after it is installed. In the New Castle area, we recommend waiting about 90 days after the driveway has been installed. You want to give the asphalt sufficient time to harden before applying sealant.

Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

There’s no problem if the weather is humid. A dampened asphalt is better to apply sealant to. Precipitation and chilly temperatures are what’s going to bring problems. Temperatures falling below 50 degrees or some rain in the forecast can create many issues. You also need to consider the forecast for 3 or 4 days after the sealant has been applied.

Dress Appropriately

Wear disposable clothing. If you plan on wearing the shoes you regularly wear, have a new pair of shoes on standby. The likelihood of getting black sealant on your shoes is high – although you could try wearing plastic bags over both shoes. Be sure to wear gloves when you’re applying the sealant. It’s best that sealcoat chemicals not make contact with your skin.

Be Sure to Properly Clean & Prep

Clean your driveway as thoroughly as possible prior to sealing it. Trapped oils between the asphalt and sealant will gradually ruin your driveway by eating away at the asphalt. If your driveway is in need of repairs, make sure those repairs are addressed before sealing your driveway. Otherwise, those problems will only get worse under the new sealant.

All weeds should be pulled. A push broom could be used to remove debris off your driveway. It’s recommended that a pressure washer be used to clean out large cracks. Store-bought asphalt cleaner can also be used to remove oil stains. The entire driveway should then be scrubbed with detergent and water. Do this right before the asphalt sealer is applied. This way, the asphalt is still damp for the first sealant application.

Choose a Preferred Sealcoat

Driveway pavers typically use two types of seal coats – refined coal tar emulsion and asphalt emulsion.

Coal tar sealers offer protection from gas spills or leaking oils. They are highly durable and resistant to the elements. The downside is they’re harsh on the skin and emit a horrible smell when first applied. Although they’re typically less expensive, they also require constant stirring throughout the application process.

Asphalt emulsion sealers are the most widely used asphalt driveway sealer. They’re known for their ease of use. However, they don’t protect as well against oil or gasoline spillage and they tend to fade quicker.

This is another instance where a professional driveway installer could save you from making a horrible decision.

Mix the Seal Coat Product

Your buckets of sealant should be purchased at least two days before you seal your driveway. They should be turned upside down. This helps mix the sealant and provide a consistent color. If a bucket is about a third full, the second bucket can then be mixed with it. This helps keep the color of your sealer uniform.

Driveway Sealing Tips

Avoid applying excess sealer. A thin layer of sealant will give you your best result. There’s no reason to waste money applying a thick coat. Complete coverage is typically achieved with two thin seal coats. That’s something a professional driveway paver doesn’t get wrong. DIY’ers on the other hand commonly use too much sealant.

A couple gallons can be poured onto the driveway. Try to work in smaller areas. This way the sealant doesn’t dry too fast while it’s being spread. A brush broom or squeegee can be used to apply sealant where the driveway has overlapping ribbons. The squeegee can be used to carefully pull the sealer to the edges of the driveway.

The first coat should be laid out in long horizontal stripes down the driveway. It will take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for the sealer to dry. Once it is dried, the second coat can be applied in vertical stripes.

Stay Off the Driveway Until It Dries

Keep off the driveway until the second coat is completely dried. The specific drying time will be mentioned in the directions on the sealer’s container. On average, it’s roughly 24 hours.

To keep people from accidentally driving onto the driveway, rope off or use empty sealer cans to block off the entrance.

Want Professional Sealcoating?

Hiring a professional asphalt contractor will not only save you time, it will also ensure you get a top of the line job. Professional sealcoaters use only the highest-quality pavement sealers for maximum resistance, durability, adhesion, and flexibility. When you choose a reliable asphalt maintenance and sealcoating company like Fulena Pavers, you’ll get a finished result you’re going to love. Call us today at 1-800-257-6081 for a free no-obligation estimate on driveway sealcoating.

Driveway Paving Lawrence County PA | Fulena Pavers

Lawrence County Driveway Paving

Choose Fulena Pavers for driveway paving in Lawrence County, PA. A driveway is a commonly overlooked part of your property. Most homeowners don’t see their driveway as something they need to regularly maintain and care for. To some extent, they’re correct. A properly installed driveway with high-quality asphalt can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. However, for you to get that kind of durability, driveway maintenance is essential.

The good news is driveway maintenance isn’t something that requires the time and attention of say tending to your landscaping. You just need to stay on top of slowly-developing imperfections like potholes, cracks, and crevices. These problems must be addressed immediately once they’re first noticed. If you wait too long, they will only worsen and become bigger more costly issues. You need to be proactive when it comes to protecting driveway pavement.

The Lawrence County PA driveway paving experts at Fulena Pavers are honest and reliable in an industry that’s unfortunately ripe with scam artists. We have decades of asphalt paving experience and fully understand proper driveway paving techniques. We’ve installed and maintained hundreds of residential asphalt driveways. We’ll save you time and money. There’s no shoddy work or headaches

The Hidden Costs of Neglecting Your Home’s Driveway

For many people, their home is the most significant financial investment of their lifetime. Driveway neglect has a very negative impact on that investment. Here’s how:

Lost Curb Appeal & Value

Your driveway is visible to anyone from the street. A driveway with crumbling pavement that has moss or grass growing up from it can make your home look rundown. People, perhaps unfairly, will sometimes judge a home by its exterior. Your driveway is part of that exterior. A nice looking driveway adds curb appeal to your home. This can up your home’s market value if you’re looking to put it on the market.

A Compromised Foundation

If pavement begins to crack, or interlocking pavement loosens, water may penetrate into the sublayers of the driveway. Depending on where your house sits relative to your driveway, your home’s foundation may then become more susceptible to hydrostatic pressure and its ensuing damage. Damages that may include basement flooding and significant property damage.

Safety Risks

If your driveway surface has cracks or potholes, it becomes a liability. There’s the chance of tripping or fall hazards for kids and houseguests. There’s also the risk of vehicle damage for anyone pulling their car in and out of the driveway. Even your own car can be damaged by pulling in and out of a rough driveway on a daily basis.

We Are Lawrence County Driveway Paving Experts

From your curb to your garage, you can count on Fulena Pavers to make sure your driveway looks amazing year after year. Need a brand new driveway paved? You can turn to us. Need a current driveway repaired or better protected from the elements? Fulena Pavers is a phone call away.

We don’t cut corners on quality to save time and money. You’ll only get the best service and the best looking driveway when you work with us. We’ll smooth over any situation. Call us today at 1-800-257-6081 for a free no-obligation estimate on driveway paving in Lawrence County, PA.

What to Look for in a Commercial Paving Company in Butler County, PA

Choosing a paving company for your commercial property can be a big decision. You want a reliable company that provides quality service at a fair price, but how do you narrow down the best choices from the long faceless list of options? Here are some qualities to look for when choosing the commercial paving company in Butler County to complete your most important projects.

Experience and Qualifications
New paving companies are popping up every day, often with little experience, no insurance and minimal certification. They can lay the pavement and finish the job but without the proper technique and understanding of the craft, the results won’t last and will lead to multiple costly repairs in the future. Look for a company with a proven track record of happy clients and quality craftsmanship as well as the certifications to back it up.

Just because a paving company can do a good job on your residential driveway, doesn’t mean that they are able to handle the parking area of your commercial plaza or city hospital. Finding multiple companies to handle each individual project can be confusing and expensive. Look for a company that has the expertise to do all of you paving needs from sidewalks to curbs, driveways, and highways.

Fulena Pavers Excels in Commercial Paving
When you look at these qualities the choice is clear, Fulena Paving Inc. has provided excellent paving services in the Butler County area for 30 years, and our satisfied customers speak volumes to our integrity.

We are fully certified and approved by the Pennsylvania DOT and well as up-to-date on the newest Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and federal, state and local codes to ensure your business is fully compliant and safe for everyone.

We’re insured for your protection and can handle ALL your paving needs; residential, commercial, and municipal. We are there for the full lifespan of your pavement from installation to maintenance to demolition, you’ll never need anyone else.

So, make it easy on yourself and call the best, contact Fulena Pavers today for your free estimate.

How Can a Commercial Paving Company in Wexford Help Your Business?

As a Wexford area business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your company; new products, better marketing, fresh ideas. But don’t overlook the simple things that can make your business more attractive, keep everyone safer and save you money—such as contacting the asphalt and blacktop experts at Fulena Pavers Inc. How can our commercial paving company in Wexford improve your business?

Attract New Clients
It’s a competitive world and it’s a constant struggle to keep an edge over the competition in any industry. When a potential client is choosing where to bring their business even the slightest details can have a big influence. Don’t let a faded, cracked parking lots give a poor first impression to your potential customers, especially when it’s such an easy fix. Show your guests that you take pride in your business and property with a smooth, beautifully paved parking area.

Protect Your People and Their Property
The best businesses care about their customers and employees and make every effort to keep their property free of hazards. A parking lot that has fallen in disarray is an accident waiting to happen. Clients can trip over broken concrete, employees can damage their vehicles by repeatedly driving over gaping potholes, and faded lines can lead to accidents. Don’t risk the safety and welfare of the people that matter most. We can even install speedbumps to prevent reckless driving on your property!

Save Your Business Money
When accidents happen on your property it not only affects the people involved, but it can prove costly for your business as well. Lawsuits, workers compensation claims, and safety citations can all add up and spell big trouble for your bottom line. Don’t leave your company open to liability because you neglected to maintain your property.

Now that you see what a difference a commercial paving company can make, call Fulena Pavers Inc. today to see how easy and cost effective it can be to repave, blacktop, seal or repaint your commercial parking area. We service businesses large and small in Wexford and surrounding areas.

Why is Fulena the Best Allegheny County Paving Company?

Searching for a paving company in Allegheny County can be overwhelming. You want someone who is experienced, certified and insured—and you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg. That’s why you need to look no further than Fulena Pavers, Inc. Whatever your project; big or small, commercial or residential, parking lot or roadway, we have the experience and certification to do it all and we’ll service anywhere in the Allegheny County area. So why is Fulena the best Allegheny County paving company?

One Company Serving All Your Paving and Blacktop Needs
Fulena Pavers is experienced and certified in all types of asphalt and blacktop paving. From federal, state, local and municipal parking lot and roadway contracts, to church parking lots to your residential suburban sidewalk – we offer a variety of solutions for paving and blacktops.

These services include paving, sealcoating, crack repair, roadway construction, demolition, and asphalt milling. Simply put, we are your one-stop-shop which saves you time and money.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way
We can provide services through the full lifespan of your paved areas. We’ll expertly prime and install your parking lots or road ways, meticulously maintain and seal your property to ensure many good years of use and even handle demolition and milling of old pavement. We’re the only paving company you will ever need and you can count on us to be there when you need us.

Experienced and Certified
The experts are Fulena have been keeping our Allegheny County customers happy for 30 years and we have no intention of letting our excellent reputation slip. We are fully certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, licensed and insured for all types of paving projects including Seal Master sealer and color pavement texturing. We offer top-of-the-line products for superior quality, and keep up with the latest styles and techniques to provide a stunningly aesthetic paving project. No other Allegheny County paving company can beat our education, experience, and service.

Call Fulena Pavers Inc. today for a free no-obligation estimate to see just how affordable it can be to have strong beautiful asphalt or blacktop at your home or business.

Protecting Your Business With Commercial Paving in Pittsburgh, PA

Attractive paved surfaces make a big impression on commercial properties, as well as provide safety for drivers and pedestrians. Keeping parking lots, curbs and sidewalks well maintained shows that you take pride in your property and care about those who visit it. Many Pittsburgh area property owners put off repairs and neglect routine maintenance because they dread high costs and headaches associated with such a big undertaking. But one call to Fulena Pavers Inc. can cover your blacktop needs at the most competitive prices in the industry of commercial paving in Pittsburgh.

New Lot Installation
Your newly built commercial property deserves sidewalks, parking lots, and entrances that are as sleek and beautiful as your new building. Fulena can give you smooth, durable paved surfaces complete with speedbumps, parking lines and directional markers. We excel at making lots that are safe and easy to navigate and we ensure that everything we build is up to city code and within the guidelines of the American Disability Act.

Repairs and Resurfacing
Commercial paving in Pittsburgh is impacted by the extreme weather wearing down streets and parking lots. This scenario along with drainage issues, and typical wear and tear associated with use can lead to cracking, rutting, and raveling on your pavement over time.

Whether you need a simple parking lot overlay resurfacing to extend the life of your blacktop or a more in-depth permanent repair, we will discuss the best way to get your property back in top shape with minimal disruption or inconvenience to your business.

Maintenance and Sealcoating
Protecting your pavement against the elements is the best way to ensure your walkways, parking lots, and driveways serve you for years to come and provide the best return on your investment. Putting off preventative maintenance will not save you money, but rather lead to greater expense down the line.

Annual maintenance and a fresh new sealant every few years is the best way to protect your pavement, as well as the base and sub-base, and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Call the experts at Fulena Pavers today for a free estimate.