Fulena Pavers provides residential and commercial sealcoating services throughout Beaver County. Asphalt surfaces in Western PA experience a lot of wear and tear whether it’s from inclement weather, heavy use, or the natural aging process.

Regular asphalt sealcoating doesn’t just offer remarkable cosmetic value, but it also helps prevent pavement deterioration.

We use the very best quality coal tar and other materials for our Beaver County sealcoating services. Sealcoating will fill-in surface voids and limit how deep oil and gas can infiltrate pavement. This minimizes further damage from water permeation as well as sunlight and oxidation, high traffic, or oil and gas leaks.

Whether it’s a road, a residential driveway, or a commercial parking lot, asphalt maintenance is essential to overall safety. It’s also an important part of a commercial property’s curb appeal. A smooth looking blacktop asphalt parking lot appeals to prospective tenants as well as clients/customers, employees, and guests.

It also saves money. This type of preventative maintenance reduces a need for costly emergency repairs or completely replacing damaged asphalt.

Choose Us for Asphalt Sealcoating in Beaver County

Our highly-trained personnel have helped residents and commercial enterprises from Aliquippa to Beaver Falls, Ambridge, Cranberry Township and Center Township, prolong the life of their paved surfaces.

You can depend on our Beaver County PA sealcoating services for crack filling, patchwork, driveway sealing, power-edging, removing grass from asphalt, and treatment of oil spots and other stains.

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Contact us today at 1-800-257-6081 to learn more about the benefits of periodic asphalt sealcoating and get a free quote. Unlike many paving companies, we don’t subscribe to pushy sales tactics in an effort to line our pockets.

We pledge that we will always have your best interests in mind. We are professional, courteous, and guarantee your satisfaction. We live to breathe new life into unsightly and uncared for looking faded pavement. Our sealcoating in Beaver County can restore the appearance of any paved surface and potentially double the life of any structurally sound asphalt job.