Protecting Your Business With Commercial Paving in Pittsburgh, PA

Attractive paved surfaces make a big impression on commercial properties, as well as provide safety for drivers and pedestrians. Keeping parking lots, curbs and sidewalks well maintained shows that you take pride in your property and care about those who visit it. Many Pittsburgh area property owners put off repairs and neglect routine maintenance because they dread high costs and headaches associated with such a big undertaking. But one call to Fulena Pavers Inc. can cover your blacktop needs at the most competitive prices in the industry of commercial paving in Pittsburgh.

New Lot Installation
Your newly built commercial property deserves sidewalks, parking lots, and entrances that are as sleek and beautiful as your new building. Fulena can give you smooth, durable paved surfaces complete with speedbumps, parking lines and directional markers. We excel at making lots that are safe and easy to navigate and we ensure that everything we build is up to city code and within the guidelines of the American Disability Act.

Repairs and Resurfacing
Commercial paving in Pittsburgh is impacted by the extreme weather wearing down streets and parking lots. This scenario along with drainage issues, and typical wear and tear associated with use can lead to cracking, rutting, and raveling on your pavement over time.

Whether you need a simple parking lot overlay resurfacing to extend the life of your blacktop or a more in-depth permanent repair, we will discuss the best way to get your property back in top shape with minimal disruption or inconvenience to your business.

Maintenance and Sealcoating
Protecting your pavement against the elements is the best way to ensure your walkways, parking lots, and driveways serve you for years to come and provide the best return on your investment. Putting off preventative maintenance will not save you money, but rather lead to greater expense down the line.

Annual maintenance and a fresh new sealant every few years is the best way to protect your pavement, as well as the base and sub-base, and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Call the experts at Fulena Pavers today for a free estimate.

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