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  • Municipal Paving

    We are able to provide asphalt and blacktop repairs and installation to any and all municipal contracts including seal coating and excavating for highway road construction.
  • Residential Paving

    Pulling into your driveway after a long day should not include driving over bumps, gouges, and cracks. Not only is this an attractive sight, but it is also rough on your vehicle.
  • Commercial Paving

    When your parking lots and driveways are full of potholes, cracks and bumps, clients will have the wrong first impression. Allow us to make them look new again.
  • Sealcoating

    We strive to provide you with the highest quality service by offering the latest in pavement maintenance and preservation. We pride ourselves in being a company you can trust.

Commercial Paving Wexford, PA | Fulena Pavers



Wexford’s commercial landscape is abundant. From local small businesses to the corporate chains, retail shopping centers, medical facilities, and car dealerships along U.S. Route 19, there is certainly a need for reliable commercial paving in Wexford.

This is why Fulena Pavers is proud to take the call of any business big or small in this region. For over three decades, we’ve provided commercial asphalt paving and repair services in Wexford as well as the municipalities of McCandless, Marshall, Franklin Park, and Pine.

Parking Lot Paving in Wexford

Having a smooth parking lot should be a priority of an business or commercial property owner. Having a smooth blacktop or asphalt parking lot with clearly distinguishable parking lines and traffic flow arrows makes a wonderful first impression on guests and prospective customers or tenants.

There are plenty of other reasons to invest in parking lot pavement resurfacing, upkeep, and maintenance. These include:

Liability – If a crack, crevice, or pothole in your parking lot causes an accident which damages a vehicle or injures someone, you or your business can be held liable. Parking lot pavement imperfections are hazards that must be addressed quickly before anyone gets hurt or experiences property damage.

ADA Inspection – Is your parking lot legal? Many variables must be in check to pass an ADA inspection. For instance, all parking blocks must be securely anchored to the pavement and clearly marked with noticeably visible paint. Most importantly, your parking lot needs to be free of breaks in the surface like potholes and other pavement imperfections.

Aesthetics – As we touched upon earlier, the “look” of a parking lot matters. Having a smooth, well-tailored, asphalt or concrete parking lot surface is beneficial to attracting customers and tenants or recruiting employees.

Wexford Commercial Paving, Repair & Maintenance

Fulena Pavers specializes in parking lot paving, repair, and preventative services. Preventative maintenance like sealcoating or filling cracks will extend the lifespan of your parking lot’s pavement.

Regularly scheduled upkeep is the best way to lessen an immediate need to ever replace your parking lot. However, if your parking lot pavement does need to be replaced or resurfaced, we have the equipment and experience to carry out the job on-time and within your budget.

Our Wexford asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance includes:

Paving & Grading
Subgrade Prep
Patch Work
Proper Drainage
Crack Filling
Concrete Sidewalk Installation

Contact Us Today for Commercial Paving in Wexford

Whether you own a retail shopping center, medical facility, industrial park, or apartment complex, a well-maintained asphalt parking lot minimizes risks while adding loads of curb appeal.

Call us today at 1-800-257-6081 to discuss your commercial paving project. We offer a free no-obligation quote. Our professionalism, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is unparalleled. You’ll get a high-quality, long-lasting product at a very reasonable price. We’d love to work with you!