When you sealcoat asphalt pavement, you’re extending the life of the pavement and your investment. New Castle’s Fulena Pavers is pleased to offer sealcoating in Lawrence County. Sealcoating should be part of any paving company’s comprehensive and proactive pavement maintenance program. It’s essential to preserving pavement and extending asphalt life. The benefits of sealcoating include:

  • Improved Visual Aesthetics – Sealcoating enhances the appearance of pavement. Smooth, sleek-looking, blacktop pavement looks great; especially when it comes to adding curb appeal to the parking lot of a commercial property that must be inviting to guests and tenants.
  • Oxidation Resistance – Asphalt pavement’s resistance to sunlight and UV rays is very poor. Oxidation from exposure to the air and sun happens almost as soon as the asphalt pavement is put down. Some oxidation is good since some oils need to be oxidized to strengthen the asphalt. However, if oxidation goes too far, and too many oils are depleted, the pavement will become brittle and more prone to cracking. This is why you need to sealcoat before there’s too much oxidation.
  • Replacing Eroded Surfaces – When the top layer of asphalt (asphalt bitumen) wears down, its surface turns gray and can gradually erode from sunlight, heat, precipitation, roadway wear, or the freeze-thaw cycle. Loose gravel is a strong sign the asphalt is beginning to erode and needs to be seal coated right away to minimize cracking and further damage.
  • Optimizing Value – Our Lawrence County sealcoating and pavement maintenance techniques will add value and extend the life of your existing pavement. Sealer is incredibly cost-effective and doing so every couple years will save you a ton of money on emergency pavement repairs. Especially done in conjunction with other pavement maintenance practices like crack-sealing and patching.


From New Castle to Bessemer, New Wilmington, Slippery Rock, and Shenango, Fulena Pavers is here for any Lawrence County sealcoating and pavement maintenance needs. Call us today at 1-800-257-6081 for a free quote.