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Contact Us Today for a FREE quote! New Castle, PA 16105
(800) 257-6081
  • Municipal Paving

    We are able to provide asphalt and blacktop repairs and installation to any and all municipal contracts including seal coating and excavating for highway road construction.
  • Residential Paving

    Pulling into your driveway after a long day should not include driving over bumps, gouges, and cracks. Not only is this an attractive sight, but it is also rough on your vehicle.
  • Commercial Paving

    When your parking lots and driveways are full of potholes, cracks and bumps, clients will have the wrong first impression. Allow us to make them look new again.
  • Sealcoating

    We strive to provide you with the highest quality service by offering the latest in pavement maintenance and preservation. We pride ourselves in being a company you can trust.


Pennsylvania weather can certainly wreak havoc on pavement. Every winter or summer tends to bring either extreme cold or heat. Spring and autumn have become either non-existent or at best highly unpredictable. There’s either too much or too little precipitation and wild variations in temperature.

This is why municipalities in Western PA shouldn’t wait for the right time to fix small potholes that appear.

Fulena Paving encourages property managers and municipal agencies throughout Allegheny, Lawrence, and Butler counties to regularly inspect asphalt to look for any of the following:

  • Any-sized cracks
  • Spills and debris
  • Small potholes forming

If you see any of these issues, you should call our PA municipal pavers at 1-800-257-6081. Here’s why:

The Smaller the Pothole, The Smaller Your Bill

The bigger a pothole is, the more expensive it is to repair or replace. We understand that every municipality has its own budget constraints. This is why we recommend an annual inspection of all roads or parking lots annually. For instance, doing this prior to winter is generally a good rule of thumb. Take note of any small potholes or cracks in the pavement. We can come to you right away to fill or repair any pothole or crack. It’s imperative you get this taken care of before winter truly hits.

Potholes Grow Bigger Due to Winter’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle

If you put off asphalt repairs until the spring, it’s very likely the size and severity of a pothole will grow due to winter’s freeze-thaw cycle. As will the costs of repairs. Any water sitting atop or under pavement will expand or contract through winter’s cycle, which will further weaken small cracks. Vehicle traffic further chips away pavement surface. Especially snowplows. This potentially exposes the sub-base to water permeation; creating a more costly municipal paving repair.

Don’t allow the freeze-thaw cycle of a PA winter get the best of your town’s pavement, anyone driving your roads, or your budget. Get these potholes and cracks repaired as soon as possible. Also, ask our municipal paving experts about regularly scheduled sealcoating. Sealcoating further protects asphalt from water infiltration and minimizes the impact of a winter’s freeze-thaw cycle.

Keep Your Residents & Guests Safe

Unfilled potholes can cause accidents. Not to mention car damage. Even cracks in the pavement of a parking lot can hurt people. A municipality that addresses potholes and cracks before they become monsters is a responsible one. Be the municipality that cares for its people. Even those just passing through. Be the municipality that tells everyone it cares about them and their property.

If you’re noticing pavement cracks or burgeoning potholes while inspecting or cleaning asphalt, do not hesitate to contact Fulena Pavers at 1-800-257-6081.