Superior Asphalt Maintence

Superior Asphalt Maintenance, Inc., is a full-service asphalt paving and maintenance contractor with over 22 years of experience and a subsidiary of Fulena Pavers, Inc. We specialize in asphalt paving, asphalt repair, asphalt sealing, and asphalt pavement maintenance for professionally managed properties in the state of Pennsylvania. Superior Asphalt Maintenance, Inc., has two major operating divisions: Asphalt Paving and Pavement Maintenance.

We are a “One Source” Paving Contractor. We provide site preparation, asphalt paving from new construction to asphalt repair, seal coating, line striping, wheel stops, concrete repair, and concrete curbing. Likewise, we offer a wide variety of products and are certified applicators of Seal Master sealer and Color pavement texturing. Our goal, from day one, has been to provide quality pavement maintenance services for professionally, managed properties a competitive price. While growing in size and experience over the years, we have never lost sight of our original goal.

Over 20 years of experience serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia

As a property manager or owner, here is something you need to remember – asphalt wears out. This is a given. It loses its color, it cracks, it hardens, and it has occasional potholes. Asphalt is an asset that requires consistent maintenance to ensure reliable service.

Maintaining an attractive and smooth asphalt parking lot requires investment in asphalt preventative maintenance and repair. The speed at which your pavement wears out will be a function of vehicle traffic volume, quality of design, quality of installation, weather, and, last but not least, quality and timeliness of asphalt maintenance. Combining anyone of the first four elements with poor asphalt maintenance is a recipe for pavement failure.

Your asphalt parking lot will eventually show signs of deterioration from one or more of the following conditions:

  • Pavement Wear
  • Pavement Distress
  • Pavement Failure

Allowing pavement wear to continue unchecked will lead to distress. Ignoring distress greatly increases the likelihood of failure to the pavement. Timely response to your parking lot’s warning signs is the most cost-effective approach. It also signals that your company is interested in its clienteles’ well-being and that it pays attention to even the small details of superior customer service.